Monday, March 21, 2005

Ha'aretz Comes Out Against The "Envelope Pushers"

I came across an unusual statement in an editorial in Ha'aretz today:
The Gaza Strip should be closed to visitors now. Similarly, all those who engage in violence, who push the envelope, who are working day and night to reignite the intifada in order to disrupt the evacuation of settlements by keeping the army busy with other tasks, must be arrested without hesitation.

Ha'aretz's lunatic leftist bias causes them to say a lot of strange things, but what's wrong with pushing an envelope?

A quick look at the Hebrew version answered my question. The Hebrew phrase in question "mesigei hagvul" which means "the encroachers." The translator goofed!

All of you envelope pushers out there can relax. Ha'aretz isn't against you!

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