Sunday, March 20, 2005

Pro-Expulsion Rally A Dismal Failure

The Jewish sages said that "a lie has no legs." Sooner or later a lie is exposed. Saturday night the government's claim that most of the public support disengagement was shown to be an outright lie. A rally supporting Sharon's expulsion policies drew only 10,000 participants, some of whom were tourists from abroad according to Ha'aretz:
The rally began with a march from Rabin Square to Dizengoff Square, where the dais was set up. Among the marchers were a large number of young people, including representatives of Habonim youth movement from Australia.

Here are a few links covering the rally:

Only 10,000 show up for pro-expulsion march

Disengagement Rally Boomerang

'Israel is leaving Gaza' (Notice how utterly inappropriate this ynet headline is! It is a political slogan and does not describe the event covered in the article!)

10,000 attend pro-disengagement rally in Tel Aviv

Dear reader: As you read the links above, please take note of the mental gymnastics the rally organizers use to explain the low turnout. A classic case of cognitive dissonance.

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