Thursday, March 10, 2005

Some Volunteer Policemen Quit

Some volunteer policemen refuse to be part of Sharon's immoral schemes:

"For many years we have felt obligated to serve the State and the community in whatever way possible, in the clear knowledge and recognition of our importance in the efforts to enforce law and order in Israel.

"However, the Israel Police has now taken upon itself missions that can be described only as ethnic cleansing and the brutal expulsion of innocent Jews from their homes – acts that we see as standing in start contrast to the objectives for which we volunteered.

"In addition, we fear that it will soon turn out that we were part of a framework that took part in blatantly illegal orders, and we won't be able to say that we didn't know.

"We therefore announce, with great difficulty, that at this period we are suspending our activities in all frameworks having to do with Israel Police."

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Batya said...

And there are youth planning on postponing army service.

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