Monday, March 21, 2005

New Hope For Terri

"Even if a sharp sword is placed upon one's neck, one should not cease praying."

Bush Signs Terri's Bill Into Law

President Bush signed emergency legislation sent to him by Congress early Monday to allow Terri Schiavo's parents ask a federal judge to prolong their daughter's life, capping days of emotional debate over who should decide life and death.

"In cases like this one, where there are serious questions and substantial doubts, our society, our laws and our courts should have a presumption in favor of life," Bush said in a statement after signing the bill.


Craig Thompson said...

There is also at the right time, a time to die. With present day technology it is possible to keep a body functioning, to have the blood be pumped through the body and to have air pumped into the lungs and to have food substance pumped into the stomach (or intervenously), if this was the situation for you, would you call it life? And on another note, how much is Bush in favour of life? When it is conveinent for him to ignore life and to end life, he has shown he will do just that. One person he kisses, the next he kills. Tough questions for us to think about, and thanks for letting me share in this discusion with you.

Cosmic X said...

Hi Bland,

Thanks for stopping by.

My position on this issue is based upon Jewish Law, which is the law I try to live by. What Bush says or does is irrelevant.

Here is a quote from a previous post:
"Her impairment is cognitive and Judaism does not recognize any less of a right to treatment for one cognitively impaired than one mentally astute.

It is a denial of the Jewish ideal of the fundamental value of life that drives the forces that wish to remove Terri Schiavo's feeding tube. While Judaism does recognize quality of life in certain circumstances (such as the incurable terminally ill patient in intractable pain mentioned above), the Torah does not sanction euthanasia in any situation. To remove the feeding tube from a patient whose only impairment is cognitive is simply murder."

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