Sunday, March 06, 2005

I Could Not Have Said It Better!

Here's a letter from Ruth and Nadia Matar that is certainly worth reading:

The MAJORITY of the Jewish People Oppose Disengagement

The Sharon Plan for Disengagement is clearly against what the majority of the Jewish People desire. That is why Peres and Sharon are opposed to a Referendum. It is the reason for the intellectual terrorism that the Sharon Government has recently introduced into Israel.

What is even clearer is that the present Likud faction which is keeping Sharon in power, are at the same time destroying the Likud Party. Sharon's action in incorporating the Labor Party into his present government, in order to stay in power, has turned tens of thousands here in Israel away from their former support of the Likud.

Since the Sharon Government cannot persuade the public that its overall security would be furthered by withdrawing from Gaza and northern Samaria, the Government must resort to suppression of freedom of expression and individual liberty. And that is clearly what is being done in Israel, and sadly with American support. Moreover, by turning over part of the Promised Land to Arab terrorists, the Will of the G-d of Israel, as repeatedly expressed in the Bible, is being defied and ignored.

President Bush professes that he is promoting the principles of democracy. He may be doing this everywhere else, but that certainly is not the case with regard to Israel. His actions speak louder than his policies in the Middle East. By permitting the action of the Sharon Government with regard to suppression of free speech and individual liberty, Bush is himself acting in an undemocratic manner, and against America's true national interests.

What does it take to make those in power realize that they are acting against the basic beliefs of the Jewish People and its Ancient Heritage? We Jews have always passionately believed in our Promised Land, our Torah and our Bible. To depart from these basic beliefs, in which the majority of the Jewish People everywhere actually believe, requires something more than the present Sharon Government's promiscuous and unprecedented edicts. The same is true with regard to the recent poorly thought through, and undemocratic pronouncements of Sharon's Cabinet.

All politicians in a democracy are supposed to intuitively recognize that in order to win an election, they must act in accordance with the Will of the Majority. However, the Likud politicians in our present government refuse to act in accordance with this principle. Therefore, the decimation of the Likud, and the destruction of that Political Party, is most certainly assured!

Jerusalem, March 4, 2005

Ruth and Nadia Matar


Batya said...

But we must still oppose a referendum, because it's not an issue to vote on. There must be new elections.

Batya said...
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Batya said...

But we must still oppose a referendum, because it's not an issue to vote on. There must be new elections.

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