Thursday, March 08, 2007

Boycott Ynet And Ynetnews!

That's it. I've had enough of the deranged leftists at Ynet. They are continuing a disgraceful campaign to discredit the Jewish community of Hebron. The latest: Hebron settlers filmed throwing rocks at Palestinians. Behind the headline it turns out that the film is of an apparently disturbed child throwing little rocks. We don't see who he is throwing rocks at, or if there was a provocation before he started. A child throwing rocks is only news for an organization with an agenda. The agenda of ynetnews is apparently to do anything and everything to disparage the Jews of Hebron. The rioting Arab murderers of 1929 would be proud of Ynet. I have removed ynet and ynetnews from my bookmarks. I urge others to do so as well.

: I just saw that Joe Settler also blogged about this.


Anonymous said...

Sadly its not just Ynet, just about every Israeli media outlet would be shut down for high treason, if our "leaders" werent even bigger traitors.

Batya said...

Apparently their Hebrew page is worse, lots of porn.
But even the most left wing, like Haaretz sometimes has something good, like the op-ed I copied
And they publish Yisrael Harel, who sometimes has good stuff.
I like seeing how Olmert is alienating everyone.

Anonymous said...

So, what took you so long?

"But even the most left wing, like Haaretz sometimes has something good, like the op-ed I copied"

I don't buy that - 99 percent of the paper is antisemitic, post-zionist, post-modernist propaganda. The remaining one percent of actual news and analysis do not justify supporting this paper by buying it or even reading it.
If we all stop visiting their sites they'll sing a different tune soon enough.

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