Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More On Aliya At Beyond BT

Be sure to read Rabbi Yakov Horowitz on Making Aliya as well as the "recommended reading" for the post, When American Families Move to Eretz Yisroel by Rabbi Yair Spolter. These posts make a lot of good points. I left the following comment at Beyond BT:
Great post! I made decided to make aliyah 25 years ago while I was still a college student. A couple of years after finishing college and still single I was on a plane to Israel. I knew at that time that getting married in the States would be the first step to getting stuck there.

Even one who makes aliyah while single has to do it with the knowledge that Eretz Yisrael, along with Torah and Olam Habah is one of the things that is acquired al yedei yisurim. While I strongly encourage aliyah, it has to be done wisely. A person should know what he is getting into and be prepared for the challenges that face him.

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