Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Pope Also Wears A Kippah

I find this hard to believe:
On Shabbat Emek Refaim is very quiet, but another new restaurant aims to fill in the gap: A branch of Iwos Meat Burger (whose original restaurant is downtown) opened up three weeks ago in a location that formerly was a non-kosher butcher. The street is known for an abundance of burger places, but Iwos hopes to stand out from the pack and it seems to be working - the only other burger place open on Shabbat is McDonald's.

"We have our name and people know us - there isn't room to sit on Shabbat," explains owner Avi Ben David. "Our meat is kosher, but we have cheeseburgers... We make a quality hamburger, and we do it exactly how someone wants. There were a lot of requests for us to come to Emek Refaim, and you know what? Sometimes I see people with kippot eating here, even on Shabbat.
I wonder who these kippah wearing cheeseburger fressers on Shabbat are. I mean, isn't wearing a kippah and eating cheeseburgers that were cooked on Shabbat contradictory? Then again, the Pope also wears a kippah!

1 comment:

Batya said...

tourists trying to "fit in?"
Some "Conservatives" who wear kippot and say kosher meat, ok, cooking on Shabbat "no problem."

And I see Arabs in large white kippot, though I doubt they'll pay Emek Refaim prices.

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