Thursday, March 15, 2007

Chana Meira On Rejecting The Land Of Israel

What she said:
Very thought provoking and honest.

Reading this post, I was reminded of an olah I met when I first came to Israel. This person has since made yeridah from Israel, after only one year and various problems with several roommates, folks on the street, among others.

She said: "this is the last time I will be in Jerusalem, because other people are...". When I did not share her views (not to deny her experiences, but to say they were not similar to my own) her response was: "Wait a couple of months, honey, you'll see!" Well, several months later I am more in love with my homeland and people. Stuff and all.

As I go about my daily life, interact with people, and prepare for future challenges, my main thought and fervent hope is, please God, I should merit to remain in Israel. Little room for criticism of others if one holds such an perspective. Otherwise, a person is setting himself/herself up for a place on the next plane out of Israel.

Update: She's got more on this here.

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