Monday, July 16, 2007

The President is Naked, and so is the Israeli MSM

The election of Shimon Peres as president of Israel is a disgrace. The man who is responsible for so much misery is being given an honor that he surely does not deserve. He was elected by a government and a Knesset that has long lost the support of the electorate.

It's interesting to see how so many Israeli MSM journalists are going all out to "explain" why Peres is fit to be president. They may be fooling themselves, but then again it is not such a big deal to fool such idiots.

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Anonymous said...

"The President is Naked...."

Icks! "Thanks" for sticking me with a mental image that's gonna take a long time to shake loose from!


Cosmic X said...




Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

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