Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Barkat and Kadima

In a previous post I mentioned that Nir Barkat is a member of the Kadima party. Today I read a letter in an old issue of BeSheva (14 Tishrei 5769) by Eviatar El'ad, Barkat's media adviser. In the letter El'ad claims that Barkat resigned from the Kadima party when the latter decided to make territorial concessions in Jerusalem. Fine.

However, the fact the Barkat chose of his own free will to become a member of the Kadima Party tells us much about the man. If you think about it, Barkat joining Kadima tells us a lot more about him than a collection of campaign slogans and a fat stack of fliers. After all, what is the Kadima Party? It is a political refuge that Ariel Sharon formed for himself after he brazenly ignored the Likud Party's democratically reached decisions against the "disengagement". It is a party devoid of ideology, a collection of politicians that have nothing in common except the desire for power and wealth. To join such a party is disgrace for anyone who has even an iota of integrity and self-respect.

The expulsion of Jews from the Gaza Strip and Northern Samaria was a crime against the Jewish People in general and those Jews that lived there in particular. Kadima was formed by the perpetrators of that crime. Someone who joined such a party is not fit to be Jerusalem's dog catcher, and all the more so Jerusalem's mayor. Sorry Nir, you are not going to get my vote.


Rafi G. said...

so he joined it, but he did teshuva and left when he saw they had no ideology.
I do not think this should be a reason to not vote for him.

Maybe you dont want to vote for him, but if he left kadima, then his having joined kadima should not be the reason.

Cosmic X said...


He knew along with everyone else in the country that the party had no ideology from the very beginning! I contend that the fact that he joined such a party reveals a lot more about his character than a million campaign speeches.

If Barkat would come out and publicly declare that the expulsion was wrong and immoral, and that Kadima is a party born in sin, that would be asign of Teshuva.

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