Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Maimonides Endorses Meir Porush?

As the Jerusalem mayoral race heats up, the conventional wisdom is that the secular public will vote overwhelmingly for the secular candidate Nir Barkat, whereas the ultra-Orthodox publice will do likewise for Meir Porush. With regards to the National Religious community, things are not clear. Both Barkat and Porush have a special staff (Mateh) of National Religious supporters.

It seems to me that according to Jewish Law, one should vote Porush. The Rambam states in the Laws of Kings and Wars (1:9) that:

וכל מי שאין בו יראת שמיים, אף על פי שחכמתו מרובה, אין ממנין אותו למינוי מן המינויין שבישראל

And anyone who is not God fearing, even though his wisdom is great, is not to be appointed to any position among the positions of (the people of) Israel.

Disclaimer: I am far from a Torah scholar and I haven't asked one if this law applies to the municipal election. Food for thought, and a question for your local Orthodox rabbi.


Anonymous said...

in that case porush is also ineligible - he is in clear violation of ואהבת לרעך כמוך by not practicing כל ישראל ערבים זה לזה - by not helping to secure the safety of all jews in israel, he is in violation of mitzvot bein adam l'havero, at the very least. someone who continually violates some of the mitzvot, clearly has no real יראת שמים

Barry said...

clearly you cannot say that Porush doesn't have yirat shemaim. I think the bigger question would be does Barkat have yirat shemaim because even though he is secular he could have yirat shemaim. I voted for Porush think that he doesn't.

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