Sunday, February 08, 2009

Mystery Election Poster Redux

Last week I posted about a mysterious anti-Leitzman poster. This morning I saw two followup posters on the way to work.

The first one more or less clarifies what I thought about last week. The creators of the poster are still bitter about Meir Porush's defeat in the Jerusalem mayoral race and Leitzman's role in that defeat.

The poster claims that Leitzman gave the Holy City of Jerusalem over to the secularists and claims that there will be "less funds, less synagogues, and less yiddishkeit".

The glue was still fresh when I saw this second group of posters. However the anonymous hands that put these posters up were long gone. The poster says that "we all are suffering". The symbolism here is straightforward: the shtreimel represents the Hasidic community and the Fedora the "Lithuanians", both of whom are handcuffed by Leitzman's "agressiveness" and "domineeringness".

What still puzzles me about these posters is the bottom line: "Because of Leitzman there is 'another way' and he who understands will understand."

What is 'another way'? Is it to vote for Shas, or for the National Union? Believe it or not, last night I met a guy wearing a shtreimel who said that he is going to vote for the National Union.

I still don't understand exactly what the poster creator is hinting to.

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