Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Rightists Won in Spite of What the Spinmasters Say

To all the Israeli MSM journalists: Wake up! The left lost, and lost big (in spite of what this guy says). At this time the Right-religious block has 65 members whereas the leftist block has 55. This may change somewhat after the soldiers' votes are counted. Take away from the leftist block votes for the Arab parties that seek the destruction of Israel and they are left with 44 seats!

The spinmasters are at work. Rabin crony Eitan Haber, had the audacity to write the following:
The election results allow the rightist bloc with Lieberman plus Shas, United Torah Judaism, the Jewish Home, and National Union to form a government. Yet I bet this is Bibi Netanyahu’s nightmare. As opposed to those who trust in God, Bibi, the man of the world, knows that the State of Israel’s existence – yes, existence! – depends on legitimacy on the part of the nations of the world, and a rightist government like the one he can form will be an ostracized and blacklisted one-time event.

Last week it was published that Iran and Israel are the two countries most hated by international public opinion. Now, the last thing Bibi Netanyahu needs is to compete with Ahmadinejad for top spot.
The guy just can't stand the thought of a government that represents the vast majority of the Jewish public. He points out that we are hated by the international public. First of all, so what? The international public is ill-informed, and eagerly eats up all of the myths that come out of Pallywood. I do not seek their approval. Secondly, it looks like the Kadima policy of destroying settlements and giving our homeland to our enemies didn't buy him the love he so desperately craves.

This editorial
at is also pretty pathetic:
Tuesday's elections gave Kadima 28 mandates and Likud 27 (the balance of power can still shift once all the ballots are counted). It is clear that the two winners need to join forces in a national unity government. Together with Israel Beiteinu's 15 mandates - provided that party would accept a platform that ensures civil rights and equality for all Israelis, including Israeli Arabs - they can effortlessly and expeditiously form a ruling coalition and get down to the business of governing.
The Post's attempt to present Kadima as a winner, when they received less that 25% of the vote, and when the entire Jewish leftist block received less 40% of the vote, is an offense to the intelligence of their readers. I can't stand the spinmasters!

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