Monday, February 07, 2005

Adir Zik z"l

Adir Zik z"l was an inspiration, a man with guts. I'll never forget that during the Oslo period how his broadcasts on Arutz 7 went against the grain of the broadcasts on Israel's MSM. He and a few others at Arutz 7 were the only ones to tell the truth about the Oslo Agreements. The broadcasters on Voice Of Israeli radio, as well as the writers at Israel's major newspapers, failed in their jobs as the "watchdogs of democracy." They suppressed reports about the anti-Israel incitement in the PA media and about Arafat's active role in the continuing terror. Instead of being the watchdogs of democracy, they were the dogs of the Rabin/Peres government. They hid the truth from the Israeli public in order to further their own political interests.

Among the broadcasters at Arutz 7, Adir was my favorite. I remember listening to him on Friday morning while helping prepare Shabbat in the kitchen. His voiced was usually mixed with static. The reception was bad since Arutz 7 broadcasted from the sea. We preferred to hear the truth from Adir amidst crackling reception, than to hear the crystal clear broadcasts from the false prophets at Kol Yisrael(the Voice of Israel) and Galei Tzahal(Israel Army Radio). Ever since the Bolsheviks forced Arutz 7 to cease broadcasting Friday morning has not been the same.

Adir took a lot of flack for his views. He was wrongly accused by Israel's idiotarians as inciting Rabin's murder. He never wavered in his dedication to the truth even when this hurt his livelihood.

His waged his battle with cancer bravely. I along with many prayed for the recovery of Adir Ben Bracha. G-d had other plans. I will miss him very much.

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Batya said...

He was a role model for us all. Now his z'kukim will be heard from Olam Haba.

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