Wednesday, February 23, 2005

He Has No G-d

I davenned(prayed) at the 6:30 minyan this morning. After davenning I walked out into the pleasently cool Jerusalem air. Suddenly I hear two men (let's call them Reuven and Shimon) walking behind me, holding their tallis and tefillin bags and talking to each other:

Reuven: I can't believe what this guy is doing! And the way he's doing it - in the most evil and corrupt way! He has no G-d!

Shimon: Right.

I turn around and said,"You guys must be talking about Ariel Sharon."

They just smiled.


Batya said...

Not true, the situation's much worse, because he and others worship false gds and live by false moralities.

Brandensbaked said...

You would probably find me Godless and vile, but someone had to change strategies or you will never live in peace. There are no easy answers to this situation. The better man makes the first sacrifice. I know you have many legitimate points, but so do they. Peace takes effort. Be the bigger man. God loves all humans.

Cosmic X said...

Brandensbaked: Sharon's current strategy is the same strategy that Rabin adopted over ten years ago that Neville Chamberlain adopted in the late 1930s. This strategy has never brought peace. It only encourages aggression. BTW, after looking at your Blogger profile I do not think that you are vile or G-dless in essence. Apparently you are just a post-pubescent suffering from an abnormally high level of testosterone. This will pass in time.

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