Monday, February 21, 2005

Clarity and Resolve *********

"Clarity & Resolve: The ability to see reality clearly and rationally, even when one might rather not; and the will to acknowledge it for what it is, to confront it when necessary, and to work towards changing it for the better of all mankind."

This is the definition that Patrick O'Brien, a self-described American atheist of Irish descent gives to his weblog. Why am I, an orthodox Jew from Jerusalem, a big fan of Mr. O'Brien's web log? Because his blog, IMHO, is the best Israel advocacy in the blogosphere.

Let's start with content: Patrick O'Brien decided to learn a little about Islam after 9/11 . I must admit that he knows more about Islam than I do, even though I have been living for the last 20 years in a city where the muezzin's call can clearly be heard. What's more, he, unlike many Israelis, Europeans, and Americans, does not try to sweep the dirty Islamic dirt under the rug. He confronts the ugly Moslem monster for what it is, and does not deal with it according to fantasies of what he might like it to be. He exposes what the Islamic plan for global domination(Jihad) and the Muslim practice of deception(taqiyya) for what they are. Clarity and Resolve is a great source for keeping up to date on the worldwide jihad and the other activities of the "religion of peace.”

Style: Mr. O'Brien, who sometimes refers to himself as jokingly Al-kafir (the infidel), has a fantastic command of the English language and a great sense of humor. After twenty years living in Israel, my English has become somewhat rudimentary. I really enjoy seeing how the language can be used. Here's an example of one of Patrick's recent posts:

"I was going through my referral logs, when I noticed a hit from a hitherto unknown (to me) site. Imagine my irrepressible joy when I found that it was from the web log of a skulking moonbat who has written a scholarly, well-informed, and factually backed critique of Clarity & Resolve! Apparently she saw something I'd written elsewhere about the death cult, and she took issue with it. So, rather than go the mature and logical route of sending me an email to establish direct dialogue, she went with the spectacle of a battered Edsel of entrenched leftism rolling down ten miles of bad multicultural road route, and got off in Assumptionville. I often find it remarkable how resistant to facts and reason we can be. Sometimes that miniscule space between the frontal lobes and the rest of the brain may as well be a vast, impassable chasm."

Now that's good writing! (I'm so jealous). Here is another example:

"Disclaimer: If you can't handle Islam being criticized and even ridiculed here and there, if you adhere blindly to far left ideology, if you take offense with politically incorrect—but honest—realism, or if you have no sense of humor, please leave the glossary now and proceed to IslamOnline, Indymedia, the nearest "peace" rally, or the neighborhood mosque where you will be in your element. Thanks."

The blog looks great, with many of the posts accompanied by original graphics.

Openness: Allows comments and “trackbacks”.

Clarity and Resolve: Exactly what the Israeli government is lacking. I rate it nine stars on the cosmic scale of ten.

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