Thursday, February 10, 2005

Idiotarian Sighting In Jerusalem

(This was a conversation that took place recently. The names have been changed to protect the guilty.)

Cosmic: Hey Rafi, do you still have to do reserve duty?

Rafi: Yeah, but I don't want to. If the army wants me to report to reserve duty to kick people out of their homes I won't go.

(Tzippi the loud-mouthed idiotarian enters the room.)

Tzippi: My son is an officer in the army. If the army calls him to do reserve duty in Gaza to protect the settlements he won't go, and I as a mother support him!

Rafi: Gaza is part of the land of Israel. Your son does not want to protect the land of Israel?

The holiness of human life is more important than the holiness of the land.(This is a catch phrase that the Israeli MSM drills into the heads of the idiotarians. In Hebrew: Kedushat HaChayim Yoter Chashuva MeKedushat HaAretz.)

Cosmic: That means that your son won't risk his life to defend Jerusalem either?!

Tzippi has no answer. She changes the subject like Israeli idiotarians usually do when the fallacies of their arguments are exposed.

1 comment:

Batya said...

That's great! Nobody will show up at the party. The leftists won't go, because it's not in the Disengof district and the patriots won't go, because it's immoral.

I guess Sharon will have to send Omri, Limor and Olmert.

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