Monday, February 28, 2005

Former MK And Cabinet Minister Gonen Segev AdmitsTo Drug-Smuggling

See the story at Arutz Sheva and Haaretz. Not surprisingly, Haaretz does not mention Segev's immoral behavior of betraying his party and voters by supporting the Oslo Accords. After all, anything and everything is permitted to further the left's political agenda. It is interesting to note that Sharon is following the Segev/Goldfarb tradition of betraying his party and voters.

Being a product of the '60s and '70s, I had no idea what Ecstasy pills are. A quick search on Google brought up, among other things, this. It is amazing that Segev, who is a medical doctor, would be involved in the smuggling of dangerous drugs. But then again, he is the same Segev that imported murderers from Tunisia.

Mr. Segev, may you utilize your time in jail to do teshuvah for all of your sins against the Jewish People.

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patrickafir said...

Wow, that's pretty sensational. This may be the first time I've heard of a government official in a democracy involved in drug-smuggling. He may have had access to pharmaceutical-grade ecstasy, I suppose.

Ecstasy is bad news. It's not the short-term effects which are most deleterious, it's the long-term ones. It can upset the brain's delicate chemical balance for years, and sometimes for life.

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