Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Israeli MSM Admits Bias

We call this in English, "abuse of power":
( A former senior editor at Kol Yisrael (IBA) Radio's Reshet Bet (Network 2), Dr. Chanan Naveh, admitted Monday that the IBA news staff, led by current MK Shelly Yechimovich, manipulated news reports in order to cause the IDF's retreat from Lebanon in 2000.

Mentioning then-host of the morning show Yechimovich and Military Affairs Correspondent Carmela Menashe by name, Naveh said: "the Kol Yisrael news room…took upon ourselves as a mission – perhaps an unstated one – to get the IDF out of Lebanon."

Dr. Naveh, who now teaches journalism, added: "Every news item that described what was going on in southern Lebanon, I have no doubt that we emphasized it… I have no doubt that we advanced an agenda that was controversial in the general public."

Update: There is now a larger, updated article on the INN web site. Here is some more:
At this point, Army Radio broadcaster Golan Yochpaz interrupted, "In my opinion, that is just super-problematic - super-problematic." Naveh did not miss a beat and said, "Correct, I'm admitting it, I'm not apologizing, I'm just saying this is what happened. It came from our guts because of the boys in Lebanon, this is what we did and I'm not sorry... I am very proud that we had a part in getting of our sons out of Lebanon."

It is widely accepted that the withdrawal from Lebanon in May 2000 under then-Prime Minister Ehud Barak and the lack of attention paid to the northern border since then led to the Second Lebanon War of last summer and its accompanying 160 military and civilian casualties.
He's not sorry. Are they ever sorry?

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