Monday, June 04, 2007

The Military Solution To Kassams

On my way to Tel Aviv today I saw a lot of posters that were put up along the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway proclaiming, "There is no military solution to the Kassam". This is of course nonsense, the type of which the Israeli public has been force fed by left-wing politicians and their groupies in the MSM. The truth is that there is no diplomatic solution to the Kassam, just as there is no diplomatic solution to Nazism or Islamofascism. The only solution is a military one. The day that the Israeli government decides that the lives of Israeli civilians are more important than the lives of our enemy's civilians, the military solution to the firing of Kassam rockets against our civilian population will be forthcoming. VeHaMeivin Yavin!

I was wondering who was responsible for the signs. One possibility is Olmert and company, in a lame attempt to cover their absolute failure to provide security for the country. Another possibility is that this is just another silly utterance of the lunatic far-left fringe.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've seen them too. And (almost) my first thought was, "I'll bet the EU put up the money for these!"

Now, if the intention of the slogan is along the lines of "Some trust in chariots and some trust in horses, but we call on the Name of HaShem our G^d" -- i.e., acknowledging that brute military force, without our getting right with HaShem, would be futile -- I could go along with the sentiment. But if that's the intent, maybe it could've been phrased more clearly, e.g., by quoting that very pasuk.

As it is, however, I strongly suspect it is what it seems: more garbage from the defeatists who apparently wish the Arabs had been the victors 40 years ago or earlier.


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