Monday, June 18, 2007

Just Before Shabbat

I snapped this one just before Shabbat. My kiddush cup is a little tarnished. Do you think that it holds a shiur?


A Simple Jew said...

The Chazon Ish would be proud!

Avi said...

What kind of dreck is that next to the cup? Looks like kiddush "wine" a.k.a. cough syrup. How can you be yotzei off of such dreck, it is probably assur to make kiddush over bad wine.

A little hiddur mitzvah here -- at least a 25NIS bottle of Golan Cabernet Sauvignon or something!

I expect better!

Avi said...

Oh, I see it's grape juice. A bit better but not much.

Cosmic X said...


I think that have more than two "Chazon Ish" shiurim in my cup. One day I'll measure.

Am Echad,

Golan wine is great I must admit. I like it, but my kids aren't particularly fond of it. The Beit Saba grape juice is really very good.

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