Tuesday, November 08, 2005

7 Marcheshvan

In the land of Israel:

Ashkenazim - ותן טל ומטר

Sephardim - ברך עלינו

Don't forget!


Never mind.


Ze'ev said...

Cosmic, you hit the nail o nthe head... When it comes to so many things in Yahadut... those living in Chu"l just don't get it....

Cosmic X said...


I had originally posted this without the "Abroad:" section. After I posted it I realized that for the Diaspora what I wrote was not true. It's been a l o n g time since I've been there.

This is what happens in the Diaspora:

We begin requesting "dew and rain", [adding it to "Bless for us",] from the evening service of the sixtieth day after the fall equinox.* This always falls on the fourth or the fifth of December. ** We continue (making this addition) until Pesach.
* {The above applies only in the diaspora. In Eretz Yisroel, the request for rain is added from the seventh of Marcheshvan. A question exists regarding when those living in the southern hemisphere should request rain.}

** {From the year 1900 (until the year 2100), this day will fall on the fifth of December, except when the coming secular year will be a leap year. In that instance, it will fall on the sixth of December.}

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