Sunday, November 20, 2005

Rally For Jonathan Pollard

20 years in jail is an unjust sentence for the crime he committed. The time has come to release him.

Why are the American Jews silent? Why are the American jbloggers silent?

Update: Amechad agrees.

Update: Ze'ev's perspective.

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hashfanatic said...

Because the wealthy American Orthodox Jew could care less about Jonathan Pollard. Pollard's name and cause are used strictly for personal self-aggrandizement, for a touchstone for same individuals to describe their whole perspective to one another (US loyalist vs "Torah True Jew"). The central issues have become so obscured by political jockeying and deterioriation of some of our own moral judgement systems, that it almost cannot be discussed objectively from with in, anymore.

To invoke Pollard's name on any extremist right-wing blog lends street cred to any wingnut's resume, yet is oddly not incitement, for virtually no one cares about Pollard anyway (and the ones that do stick out their necks for no one anyway)....

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