Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Rabinfest 2005: Uzi Benziman

Uzi Benziman of Ha'aretz wants to inundate the public with leftist mantras:
Instead of dealing with Rabin's "heritage," the public debate must be inundated with examinations and interpretations of the causes leading to the tragic ending of his public mission. The annual commemoration days must be used as catalysts to teach insights on the dangerous implications of incitement. Among other things it must focus on the limits of public controversy, the duty to obey the law, the proper rules of the game for making national decisions, the precedent threatening democratic society's ability to continue functioning after the political assassination of its leader, the built-in contradiction between the halakha edict, or the intention of the rabbis interpreting it, and an order by the authorized government.
Sorry Uzi, I'm tired of being inundated with leftist nonsense. Instead, I will inundate myself with Torah!

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Ze'ev said...

Which is exactly what Uzi doesn't want you (or me) to do.

If one ever needed more of a reason to make time for (re)connecting with Torah, this is it.

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