Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tuesday Morning Open Thread

I know that I don't get thousands of hits every day like LGF. So for this to work, everyone who visits my blog today has to comment here. That means even if you arrived here by searching for "Sultan Knish homophobia", even if you stumbled upon this blog searching for zoophilia, even if you are here because you clicked on Blogger's "next blog" button, please leave a comment. It can be something simple like "Kilroy was here" or a or anything else that crosses your mind. Just keep it clean in the spirit of this blog.


Update: This thread is now closed. (After all, it's Wednesday already!) Thanks to everybody who participated.


chardal said...

chardal was here

Cosmic X said...

That's a good start!

Ze'ev said...

I just had a great Lamb Sandwich from New Deli for lunch - Rechov Hillel.

Hope this helps...

orthomom said...

Good Morning!

Cosmic X said...


To answer your question " Cosmic, when did you change the title of the your blog, and what inspired you to do so?"

I did so today, mainly for search-engine purposes. Ask a better question: What in the world is Cosmic X?


It's already 2:30 PM here! Good morning to you on the other side of the puddle!

Cosmic X said...


I hoped you enjoyed your lamb sandwich. I had a mixed bagel with tuna, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, and olives at the "Holy Bagel" this morning.

The Kinks used to sing, "I'm on a low budget..."

Anonymous said...

For what to work? Why do you need hits or comments?

Jack Steiner said...


yaak said...

Hi Cosmic!
Have a great day!
- from big Cosmic fan yaak

Akiva said...

It's cold in New Jersey, supposed to rain heavily tomorrow. How about there?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Hi Cosmic! Sorry for the late afternoon visit...but had a very hectic day today. Brit after the 7:15 AM minyan, Livaya for elderly neighbor at 11:00...and then on my way to work around 12:30 2 firebombs (molotov cocktails) were thrown at my car. Baruch Hashem, no injuries, no damage. I called the IDF, and mirculously, 2 different senior officers called me back within minutes for exact descriptions of where/what transpired.

Just got a call from one of the officers - they caught 2 of the suspects! It gets even more better, but I don't think I'm alloawed to write it yet on the web.

HaGomel L'Chayavim Tovot SheGimalani Kol Tov!

yaak said...

Jameel! Stay safe out there!
Hashem Yishmor Tzetecha Uvo'echa Me'ata Ve'ad Olam.

Ze'ev said...

Cosmic, I got a bagel from Holy bagel i nthe morning for breakfast... I wonder if we haqve ever been in there at the same time without knowing it?

OK, so what does Cosmic X mean?

ifyouwillit... said...

New Deli is great, never been to Holy Bagel. This week I've been living off fruit and veg from the SuperSolDeel.

I'm craving a Shnitzi or Burgers Bar right now, or the Matziano's, the Baguette place on Yafo - always hit's the spot.

Anonymous said...

Ilove the New Deli.anything to help.

Cosmic X said...

To everybody who commented:

Thanks a lot. I've been offline since about 4:00 PM Israeli time. Then there were only 6 comments here...


What I meant to say is that this blog does not get a lot of traffic, and that if people don't comment the "open thread" idea won't work i.e. it will be boring.


I left a comment on your blog.


Glad to hear that your alright. Amazing day you had: Prayer , new life (brit), death (levaya), and an attempt on your life. Can't say that things are boring near the Muqata!

The real me:

Glad to meet you.


Howdy to you too!


Hope you had a good day.
- From a big Yeranen Yaakov fan.


It's raining in Jerusalem! In Israel we a very happy when it rains.


I said it! I don't get to Emek Refaim too often.


Cosmic X is a really stupid name for this blog isn't it? One of these days I will have to explain what the name means.


You sound hungry. Get something to eat! (Come to think of it, I'm pretty hungry now!)

Zion Report:

Nice guess. Yes the bible site is good.

daat Y:

Everybody seems to like the New Deli! I've never been there before but I guess that means that I have to check it out.

yitz said...

It's already Wednesday, but I didn't see any blogs yesterday - too busy with woik!

What's the Bible site?? URL please.

Love your site, keep it up!


Cosmic X said...


Here it is:

(It's in the previous post)

Anonymous said...

hola amigo

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