Monday, November 07, 2005

Two Versions Of Rabin's Last Speech

Version 1: Jerusalem Post

Version 2: WZO

The differences? There are slight, benign variations in the translation to English. But I'm posting this because the Jpost version omits the following:
"There are enemies of peace who are trying to hurt us, in order to torpedo the peace process.

I want to say bluntly, that we have found a partner for peace among the Palestinians as well: the PLO, which was an enemy, and has ceased to engage in terrorism. Without partners for peace, there can be no peace.

We will demand that they do their part for peace, just as we will do our part for peace, in order to solve the most complicated, prolonged, and emotionally charged aspect of the Israeli-Arab conflict: the Palestinian-Israeli conflict."
An innocent omission?

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