Thursday, November 24, 2005


Sharon is calling his new party "Kadima" which means forward in Hebrew. This is quite astonishing. After all, after pulling out of the Gaza Strip, and with the rumors about further retreats, shouldn't Sharon call his new party "Achora" (backwards)?


yitz said...

The even BETTER joke is that they were/are calling it "Achrayut Leumit," National Responsibility, which, considering how IRRESPONSIBLE he is, or as Dr. Ron Breinman put it:

"A ridiculous name, if we remember that the one who heads it conducted affairs without responsibility and without national [interests]..."

Cosmic X said...

Good point Yitz. The first name was as inappropriate as the present one!

Batya said...

Actually, it's a great, catchy name, pr-wise.
Here's my spin:

Cosmic X said...


Interesting. I see that you andJoe Settler agree that Sharon is still running the LIkud from remote control.

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