Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Rabinfest 2005: Mofaz Gets Into The Act

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz spouts a Rabin Cult mantra: The lesson from Rabin's murder has apparently not been learned:
Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said Monday that "Unfortunately, the lesson from (former Prime Minister Yitzhak) Rabin's murder has apparently not been learned. The evil spirit of violence, violation of the law, and defiance of the State's authority, up to physically assaulting soldiers and officers on duty and threatening leaders and state functionaries, still persists and is perhaps even getting stronger."
All this from a man who acted contrary to two democratic decisions of his own party against the "disengagement." Ya'ani democrat.


Batya said...

Do you have any idea for how many decades the Revisionists were punished for Allosoroff's murder, though they weren't guilty?

Most of you will say: "Whose murder?" and that's why they had to find a replacement.

Anonymous said...


- We charge Rabin's bodyguard Yoram Rubin with perjury in his testimonies to the Shamgar Commission and at Yigal Amir's trial. He testified that Amir's bullet entered and penetrated his arm at the elbow, exiting at the shoulder.
- We charge the pathologist Dr. Yehuda Hiss with medical malpractice and evidence tampering. While all other doctors including Gutman, Sneh and Barabash reported that Rabin's spine was shattered causing death, Hiss removed the wound from Rabin's autopsy.
- We charge Avishai Raviv with perjury at his recent trial. Raviv testified that Amir never informed him of his murderous intent.
- We charge Shimon Peres with gross misconduct and dereliction of public service. As prime minister, Peres approved the Shamgar Commission's conclusions that Rabin was shot twice in the back.
- We charge former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Meir Shamgar with gross judicial misconduct for changing the time of Rabin's murder from 9:30 PM to 9:50.
- We charge Eitan Haber of evidence destruction based on his own testimony to the Shamgar Commission that he absconded with Rabin's possessions at Ichilov Hospital, while later admitting to Kol Ha'ir that on the same night he cleaned out Rabin's filing cabinets at the Prime Minister's office.
- We charge Rabin's driver, Menachem Damti with perjury for testifying to the Shamgar Commission and at Amir's trial, that he drove to Ichilov Hospital in less than two minutes. The ride actually took 22 minutes.
- We charge Yoram Rubin with perjury for testifying to the Shamgar Commission that Rabin was shot at 9:50. Yigal Amir was arrested at 9:30.
- We charge Rubin, Damti and Shamgar with conspiracy to alter evidence, by coordinating a new, later time of murder.
- We charge Rubin and Damti of being accessories to the murder of Yitzhak Rabin by deliberately denying him medical treatment. Note the ambulance beside Rabin's limousine. Why wasn't Rabin offered the services of trained medical professional waiting ten feet away from him.
- We charge Yoram Rubin with perjury for testifying to the Shamgar Commission and Amir's judges that Rabin helped him get up after he was shot and then jumped head-first into the limousine. No such thing happened.
- We charge Menachem Damti with perjury for testifying to the Shamgar Commission that he was opening the door for Leah Rabin when he heard the first shot, and that he reacted by immediately jumping into the driver's seat, as he was trained to do. Leah Rabin was standing on the steps nowhere near her husband when Amir shot the blanks and Damti stayed outside after the shot.
- We charge the chief judge at Yigal Amir's trial, Edmund Levy, with gross judicial misconduct for dismissing the testimony of police forensics expert, Inspector Baruch Gladstein, who proved scientifically that Rabin was shot at 0 range, about half a meter closer than Amir ever got to Rabin. We charge that Levy acted with full knowledge and intent in this dismissal of evidence.

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