Wednesday, May 04, 2005

An Awesome Article By Moshe Feiglin

Here's a snippet:
"Tell me, please", I asked Prof. Kremnitzer, "Suppose that tomorrow I am Prime Minister, and I decide according to the proper procedures and in accordance with all the rules of democracy, to apply the eviction-compensation law to Arab villages. In this case also will the Israeli Institute for Democracy get aboard a bus and travel to all the villages and explain to the Arabs that there is no alternative, and that in the name of democracy they must obey the law?"

"But they are not Israeli citizens", cried Prof. Carmon.

"OK", I reply, "Let's apply the eviction-compensation law to the residents of Tira and Taibeh, in the State of Israel. There the Arabs have a proper blue ID card. Just the same law, and the same Supreme Court ruling, will be on my side. Will you then persuade them to leave?"

Prof. Kremnitze shook his head.

"Thank you for your honesty", I continued. "You are fascinating people, and I can learn a lot from you. I'm ready to listen to you all night, but you have to admit that the last thing that you are representing is democracy. Don't mention this word ever again."

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