Monday, May 09, 2005

Israeli Independence Day In The Shadow Of Disengagement

Should I, can I, will I, say Hallel on Independence Day this year?


TRK said...

Of course.

yaak said...

Great link.

I follow Rav Ovadiah, and I am a Zionist, so I read it without a Beracha after the whole davening.

The idea of the state being a precursor to redemption is, in my opinion, not derailed by the current government's ideas of disengagement. We need to fight disengagement tooth and nail (i.e. non-violently), but not abandon ship while doing so.

Cosmic X said...

TRK and Yaak:

Thanks for the advice. I am going to have trouble separating my hapiness and thankfulness for the existence of the state from my disgust of the current government. I'll do my best.

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