Thursday, May 05, 2005

It's Shoah Time!

It's Shoah Time!

Kol Yisrael and Galei Tzahal are playing all of those sad sounding songs. The newscasters and announcers speak in low, somber tones. It's Shoah Time! It's time to act sad and shocked. It's time to mourn the destruction of Jewish communities. The siren goes off. All traffic must stop. Everyone must stand quietly. It's Shoah Time. Let's remember all of those Jews that were thrown out of their homes and sent to the concentration camps. Let's remember the gas chambers and death marches. Let's try to catch on film ultra-Orthodox Jews who won't stand still while the siren is wailing. It's Shoah Time!

After Shoah Time is over the newscasters and announcers will clear their throats. The sound of glee will return to their voices and the sparkle shall return to their eyes as they talk about how the Jews of Gaza and Northern Samaria will be kicked out of their homes. Happily they will ponder if the homes will be razed or will be given to the terrorists. With mirth they will speculate how many policemen will be needed to expel the settlers from their homes and how much force will be used. In a professional and detached way they will discuss the uprooting of the graves of those that were murdered by our peace-partners. That familiar Oslo-agreement-smugness will return. It's disengagement time!

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