Sunday, May 22, 2005

Things That Are Between Him And Her

After reading some outrageous posts from some religious jbloggers, I'm posting the following:

The bedroom has a door, and the door has a lock. Things that are between him and her should remain between him and her. Hatzin'ah yafah lahem. They should not be discussed in public forums, and certainly not on blogs.

That's just my humble opinion.


Cosmic X said...

Apparently not!

Daniel Greenfield said...

some people seem to have a lack of boundaiesy and once they come online and blog which is 'forbidden' and once they cross the line, they can say anything

Cosmic X said...

Sultan, in Hebrew it is called "hutra haretzu'a."

Batya said...

sad and forbidden
Blogging may be theraputic, but apparently some people have real problems. I think there's a "lashon haraa" problem is writing all this, since it makes people "search" and "wonder who."

Cosmic X said...


I don't think there is a problem of lashon hara here since no identifying details are given here. The opposite is true: There is a mitzvah of "hocheach tocheach et amitecha." Remember, we are talking about religious bloggers who should know better!

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