Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Demonstrations Rock Israel

Shilo Musings has a nice list of links about this. I heard Pravda Kol Yisrael radio this morning and I could tell from between the lines that the leftists know that they are going to have a serious problem trying to implement the disengagement this summer. They took note of the fact that the demonstrators are not afraid of being arrested.

Interestingly enough the same broadcast included an item stating that the metaem hapeulot bashtachim (coordinator of acitivites in the territories) suggests that 1) the Arabs turn Neve Dekalim into a "Palestinian Holiday Village" (kind of reminds me of Eliyahu said in the name of the L-ORD to Ah'av,"Hast thou killed, and also taken possessions?"(I Kings 21:19)), 2) thousands of Arabs from the Gaza Strip will continue to work in Israel after "disengagement", and 3) Arab merchants from the Gaza Strip will receive permits to travel in Israel and VIP passes(making them free from security checks). Some disengagement!

Update: Ha'aretz has the details from the Kol Yisrael broadcast.

Update:Someone agrees with me.

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