Sunday, May 22, 2005

Orange-phobia Comes To The Knesset

We have visitors from the world's most populous democracy:
Knesset security guards confiscated party scarves that Indian parliament members tried to bring into the building Sunday because the scarves were orange, the color that disengagement opponents have adopted as their symbol.

The scarves were meant as gifts for Knesset members, Army Radio reported.
"I found it to be ridiculous not to allow a piece of cloth," one of the Indian delegation members told the radio. "Those are messages of intolerance."
Welcome to the Middle East's only democracy!

Update:Arutz 7 adds the following:
Civil rights groups and several Knesset members last week criticized Western Wall (Kotel) guards for banning anyone to enter the area with orange shirts, bracelets or hats during a Remembrance Day ceremony. Teenagers were forced take off their orange shirts before being allowed to enter the area.

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