Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Independence Day In The Shadow Of Disengagement Part 2

So far so good. I actually felt pretty good at Maariv tonight. Tomorrow morning is another story as "Hallel" is said. Where I doven they say it with a Bracha but I don't think that I will.

Meanwhile, the police harassment of disengagement opponents continues.


Cosmic X said...

Thanks Yaak. Great link. I'm interested in knowing more about Rabbi Tal's opinion. Maybe you know something?

yaak said...

I don't know any more than what was in the article.
I think it's quite radical (from a Dati Leumi rabbi), but I can't blame his since he's from Gush Katif, and getting kicked out of his home by the State. So, he probably feels that why should we say Hallel on a day that the State that betrayed him was created.
I (and the rest of the rabbis) feel that the same reasons one said Hallel the previous years until now still apply, no matter what the current government is doing.

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