Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Bedouin Girl Murdered for Befriending Jews

Now that's a good reason to die. How dare you befriend Jews! From Arutz 7 (Hat tip: C & R) :
Police have arrested two Bedouin males suspected of having murdered their teenage sister in an honor killing that may also have an anti-Semitic element. The brothers allegedly stabbed their sister to death on the restaurant level of the Negev Mall in Be'er Sheva.
I'm a little puzzled by this episode. The only news outlet that reported it, as far as I can tell, is Arutz 7. It's been my experience that Arutz 7 is accurate, but maybe this time they goofed. Alternatively, perhaps the Israeli MSM is covering up this story since it doesn't fit in with their PC ideology. Is there anyone from Be'er Sheva out there who knows anything about this?

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yaak said...

Couldn't find it here either.

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