Wednesday, May 18, 2005

More On Those Demonstrations From Other Bloggers

I found two interesting eyewitness accounts on the anti-disengagement demonstrations. The first one is from Yingele, who describes his experiences in our Medinat Mishtarah, emphasizing the cause of the rare unity among the national religious and ultra orthodox youth. Meanwhile, Behind A Door takes the silent majority to task for not being gutsy enough to take part in the demonstrations.

Meanwhile two Jerusalemite spectators express their displeasure with the road-blocking. One of them, Greetings from the French Hill, explains why he supports the disengagement(very unconvincing IMHO) and why he thinks the road-blocking is unproductive. Judy from Jerusalem Diaries also feels that the anti-expulsion protests were counter-productive.

Update: An eyewitness account from Jumping on the Bandwagon.


Batya said...

Sorry it took me so long, but here are two

Menachem said...

care to explain why, IYHO, the french hill blog was unconvincing? I thought he made some good points. granted, nothing that hasent been said 100 times accross different medias, but there aren't many original opinions left these days.

Cosmic X said...


Oleh Yashan claimed that this is going to be good for the military. As a former soldier(although not an officer like Oleh Yashan) I find this very, very difficult to swallow. Retreating under fire good for the army? Having Egypt patrol the border instead of Tzahal good for the army? That border is going to be as porous as a macrame sweater! I could rant on further. Also check out this old post.

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